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Services available for residential and commercial:

 Lawn Maintenance           Spring and Fall Clean up          Lawn Dethatching           Aeration          Over Seeding         

 Sod           Prep/Installation          Gutter Cleaning          Lawn/Shrub Fertilization          Weed Control          Mosquito Barrier          

Mulch/stone Installation          Edging           Bush/Shrub Trimming          Complete Sprinkler System Installs          

 Spring Sprinkler System StartUp          Winterize Sprinkler System          Tree Work          Planting          Bobcat Services         

 Landscape Design         Snow Plowing/Blowing          Salting and Sanding          Snow and Ice Management          Plus more!

If you are in need of a service not listed just ask and we'll likely be able to accommodate your request!


About Our Services
Overseeding to improve your lawn!
Overseeding or slice seeding a lawn can help improve its overall health and appearance. Lawn overseeding is a process of spreading grass seed over an already existing lawn and benefits by filling in areas of turf damaged by summer stress, diseases or insects, thickening the lawn, enhancing the lawns ability o fight insects and diseases.
Landscape Design
To make a landscape for you that uniquely fits your family and your needs. Each design is different from any other. We consult with you at your home and determine the use of the landscaped area and any preferences in plant material. We can blend shrubs with perennials to help give more color interest and we can design with the homeowner in mind who has no green thumb and wants low maintenance. We will give you the look that suits your family.
Weekly/Bi-Weekly Lawn Maintenance
Our team takes pride in their work and ensures that your lawn is mowed with pride and cleand properly. Our regular lawn services program includes grass mowing, line trimming and blowing.
Fertilizer Programs
The basic lawn fertilization program is designed to give your lawn a controlled feeding of nutrients throughout the growing season, while at the same time controlling the weeds and insects/pests that can damage the turf. We also offer individual applications of fertilizer to shrubs, bushes, trees and gardens
Spring and Fall Clean Ups
We remove fallen branches, twigs and debris. We blow-out the leaves and light debris, including areas behind bushes and hard to reach places. We blow from the bass of the grass and soil to bring up debris clinging to the base of the lawn. When the blowers cannot bring up leaves and debris in moist areas, we rake into piles and dispose of it.
Thatch is a layer of slowly decomposing grass, stems and dead roots that accumulates above the soil and below the grass blades. Insects and diseases find thatch a particularly suitable place to inhabit, since water does not readily penetrate thatch and neither do pesticides. Finally, because the thickness and density of thatch varies, lawn mores are more likely to cut unevenly causing scalping of the turf. Physically, dethatching the turf is the best solution when it occurs. The process is done with a power driven more like machine which has rotating vertical blades that rapidly pull out thatch.
Aeration consists of perforating the soil (and any thatch above it) with small holes that allow water, air and fertilizer to get closer to the roots. This process enables the roots to grow more deeply and produces a more vigorous lawn.
At times when the turf in your yard has been damaged and needs to be repaired there are several methods to accomplish this depending on the specific conditions in the yard. Anytime seeding is done, the most important item is having good, quality fresh seed. The usual reason that seeding fails is that it is not watered properly. A new seed bed needs to be kept constantly moist during the germination process which can take three or four weeks. If the soul is allowed to dry out completely even once during that time some of the seed will be lost. Light frequent watering is the key to successful seed germination thus resulting in a health looking grass.
Mulch or Stone
Will deter weeds, promote healthier plants, trees, shrubs/bushes, flower and creates curb appeal for your property..
Pruning and Shrub Trimming
Remove dead, damaged and diseased branches and maintain natural shape of tree or shrub. This should be done at least once a year.
Mosquito Barrier
America's Premier Mosquito Repellent
The no-chemical, no-poison to get rid of your mosquito problem. We can provide you with what you want. We offer a one time treatment (picnic, family gathering, birthday party, wedding, shower, special occasion) or season long protection. Just one spraying of the all-natural, liquid garlic-based mosquito barrier will keep mosquitos out of your yard for almost a month.
Gutter Cleaning
Fact is, the gutters on your home serve a critical service for your home. It doesn't take long for improperly working or clogged gutters to show wear and tear on your home and devalue your investment. Gutter cleaning is preventative maintenance on your home.
We install complete sprinkler systems! We will also set your sprinkler system up in the spring and get it ready for the winter. We'll check that all heads and nozzles are functioning, check for leaks, inspet and adjust the system for proper coverage, activate the controller and set the watering schedule and turn the water on. We will beat any current written estimates. Package deal for spring start up and winterization!
Mulch and Stone
Mulch and stone deters weeds from taking over, promotes healthier plants by holding in the soil and can increase the beauty of the landscape, creating curb appeal for your property.
Spring planting adds beauty to your landscape, can increase your homes value and stops grass from intruding into your garden beds.
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